Helping Central Italy return to normality and shape a sustainable future


together for reconstrAction

We raise funds and awareness to support the reconstruction efforts in the areas of Central Italy hit by earthquake


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Helping Central Italy return to normality and a sustainable future

Some of the most historical parts of Central Italy have been destroyed by a series of dramatic earthquakes. We aim to complement the existing reconstruction efforts by supporting local talents and businesses. Identifying sources of long lasting development is key to ensure that the local communities do not dismember in the wake of the tragedy. Find out how you can help.

What is HeartQuake?


HeartQuake - together for reconstrAction is the brand name of a charitable company incorporated in England and Wales on 3rd March 2017 (Registered Charity Number 1177513) and registered office at 22-24 Ely Place, London EC1N 6TE.


The decision to set up HeartQuake was made following the last devastating earthquakes in Central Italy, which left thousands of families homeless, jobless and with no hope for their future.

HeartQuake was established by a group of Italian professionals living in the UK willing "to make a difference" to the lives of those people.

Projects ...ACHIEVED!!!

A desk and chair for the schoolchildren of Loro Piceno (Macerata)

In Autumn 2017 we launched an appeal to potential donors in order to raise the funds needed to buy furniture for 2 schools in Loro Piceno, a small town in the Marche Region, Province of Macerata, one of the most affected by the earthquakes.

Thanks to your generosity we have raised more than £ 12,000

Your donation will allow HeartQuake to donate school chairs, desks, classroom storage, boards and screens to 60 children from the infant school for the total amount of 11,734 euros.

The order has been placed and the furniture will be delivered in September 2018 on time for the re-opening of the newly rebuit school.

HeartQuake has been working together with the Head of School (Istituto Comprensivo Colmurano) and the Deputy Mayor of Loro Piceno. The firm selected (Anabasi srl) provided the best price towards the same quality. In addition to that it is based in the same Region (Marche) and this will offer a contribution (however small) to the local economy. 

Macerata - Marche Region

Macerata - Marche Region


Our TwoFold Mission


Back to normality

Back to normality” aims at providing financial, logistic, advisory support to talented students (through scholarships and/or internships at Universities and firms) and local businesses (through financial/technical assistance to resume their activities and expand their sales also through export to the UK and elsewhere).

Unfortunately the state of emergency so far is not over. Therefore HeartQuake will also support projects mainly to help schoolchildren and elderly people.

Additional projects will be focused on the restoration of the cultural heritage.




Re-shaping a sustainable future

Re-shaping a sustainable future” aims at identifying new sources of long-lasting, sustainable development in the 4 regions in Central Italy affected by the devastating earthquakes.

The risk of desertification” is sadly already high with younger generations often forced to migrate elsewhere. HeartQuake is committed to identify and support projects in the following areas: education, business and economic development, cultural and artistic heritage, national and international tourism. 

A crucial focus will be on the role that innovation, new technologies, environmental protection and bio-diversity can play in (re)-shaping a sustainable economic model.



The Platform


HeartQuake as a platform and a facilitator for new ideas and effective projects...may be your?

At HeartQuake we strongly believe in the powerful role of networking, cooperation and exchange of ideas to identify the right projects and the best people to realize them for the benefits of the affected areas.

That is why we want HeartQuake to become a powerful platform where ideas, skills, funds are transformed into long-term projects in the areas of activity of the charity.

HeartQuake's team is therefore since several months actively involved in "building bridges" between Italy and UK and within Italy and Italy acting as a platform and facilitator. How are we doing that? We are talking to Italian and UK private institutions to identify fruitful long-term partnerships leading to: projects in support of school / professional education for students; opportunities of re-starting / expanding business for local firms. A special focus will be on ways to promote the immense cultural, artistic and historic heritage.   

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